Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Beginning of the Cotton Club

The Cotton Club circa 1936, NY city

 For all of my family and friends that wanted to keep in touch, and because I'm too lame to try and message everybody individually, here is my blog. Here I will try to update things that happens in my life, and let you all know what's new. Being married to a jazz musician, it's become a huge part of both of our lives, I figured I should include it somehow. The Cotton club was a very famous jazz club back in the day, and it obviously has some pretty key things in common with both of us, (Cotton) so it worked out perfectly. When the Handsome Man and I decided what school he'd be going to back in the spring, we knew it was going to bring some huge changes. So, less than six months later, we packed our bags and headed on a one way trip across the country. Despite being totally stressed and unprepared, we found a good place to live in a good area, thanks to a lot of prayers and some miracles, and we are both very happy and doing well. The North East is beautiful and I am falling in love with all the trees and squirrels and bunnies that run around in the grass outside. Thus, the adventures of the Cotton Club begin. :)


  1. Me too. They run around in the grass outside my window sometimes. They're cute :)

  2. Thanks for keeping us in the loop!